AMGIS LIFESCIENCE LTD (Formerly known as Amardeep chemical Industries Pvt Ltd) is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies producing Veterinary and Human API’s in India.
Having world-class facilities, with a wide range of process equipment which are fully compliant with the GMP and WHO Standards. In a very short span of time, we have Gained the trust of our valuable clients and have become one of the Prominent Leaders in the world of Veterinary API’s & Human API’s.
WHO GMP Certified API Manufacturer in India
GLP Certificate

AMGIS Lifescience Ltd. is here to provide 30+ Pharma API's, Veterinary API’s, Human Health API's, and Intermediates – to international corporations as well as startups globally.

Our quest is to improve Veterinary API’s, quality of Intermediates as well as human life by enabling people to feel strong, lead, ill-free and long life through our journey and under the guidance of expert chemists, analysts and laboratory technicians.

We, AMGIS Lifescience Ltd. (Formerly known as Amardeep Chemical Ind. Pvt. Ltd.) with 2 FDA Approved (GMP-PLANTS) are India's leading manufacturer of Veterinary API’s & Humans Health API's, preparations to heal and assuage diverse physical ailments. Established in the year 2016, we have emerged as one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of API Drugs, Pharma Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials etc. Quality is a defining factor behind our success in short span of time. We follow stringent quality tests of each product to attain the best quality. All the formulations are based on through research and test according to international standards.


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We are India's leading manufacturer of Pharma API's - Veterinary API, Human Health API, and API Intermediates.

Sr. No Product Name CAS Number Pharmacopeia DMF Therapeutic Use Action
01 Albendazole 54965-21-8 IP/BP/ EP/ USP    Yes Anthelmintic
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02 Diminazene Aceturate
IH -- Antiprotozoal
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03 Ricobendazole 54029-12-8 IH/ IP Yes Anthelmintic
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04 Fenbendazole 43210-67-9 IP/BP/ EP/ USP Yes Anthelmintic
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05 Oxfendazole 53716-50-0 IP/BP/ EP/ USP Yes benzimidazole anthelmintic
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06 Nitroxynil  1689-89-0 BP/ IH Yes Anthelmintic
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07 Triclabendazole 68786-66-3 EP/BP/IH Yes benzimidazole anthelmintic
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08 Butaphosphan  17316-67-5 BP/ IH Yes Phosphorus Supplement
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09 Phenylbutazone 50-33-9 USP/BP/EP --  
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10 Buparvaquone 88426-33-9 IP/IH --                 Antiprotozoal
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Sr. No Product Name CAS Number Pharmacopeia ODMF Therapeutic Use Action
01 Salbutamol Sulphate 51022-70-9 IP/BP/ EP/ USP YES Anti-Asthmatic
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02 Levosalbutamol Sulphate 148563-16-0 IP/ USP YES Drugs Affecting Respiratory Systems, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis
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03 Bromhexine Hydrochloride 611-75-6 IP/BP/ EP/ USP YES respiratory
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04 Rosuvastatin 287714-41-4 IH/EP/USP YES cardiovascular disease
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05 Etodolac 41340-25-4 IP/BP/ EP/ USP YES anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic
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Sr. No Product Name CAS Number Therapeutic Use
01 Carprofen  53716-49-7 Anti Inflammatory Drugs
02 Flunixin Meglumine 42461-84-7 NSAID
03 Closental Sodium 61438-64-0  
04 Closental Base 57808-65-8 Anthelmintic
05 Praziquentel 55268-74-1 Anthelmintic
06 Rafoxanide 22662-39-1  
07 Febantel 58306-30-2 Anthelmintic
08 Ketoprofen 22071-15-4 NSAID
09 Dexketoprofen 22161-81-5 NSAID
SR NO PRODUCT NAME  CAS Number Use In Action
01 O- Benzyl Salbutamol 24085-03-8 Levo Salbutamol API
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02 R- Benzyl Salbutamol  174607-68-2 Salbutamol API
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03 Etodolac Methyl Ester IH 122188-02-7 Etodolac 
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  • Albendazole Manufacturer & Supplier India %%sep%% Albendazole API #54965-21-8
  • Diminazene API manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India.
  • Ricobendazole Powder Manufacturer & Supplier India, #54029-12-8 Ricobendazole IP
  • manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Oxfendazole Powder in India. Oxfendazole IP CAS #53716-50-0
  • manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Triclabendazole Powder in India. Triclabendazole API #68786-66-3
  • manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Salbutamol Sulphate Powder in India. Salbutamol Sulphate Powder API CAS No. 51022-70-9
  • manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Levosalbutamol Sulphate Powder in India. Levosalbutamol Sulphate Powder API CAS No. 34391-04-3
  • Rosuvastatin API manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India.
  • Etodolac API manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India.
  • Bromhexine Hydrochloride Powder manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. Bromhexine Hydrochloride API CAS No. 611-75-6

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